Amber & Nassim are getting married!
  • Amber & Nassim are getting married!

    Come join us for the weekend

    20th & 21st September 2014

    in Bideford, Devon
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Sending ...
After 4 years of adventures, they decided it was time to become friends and three quarters...
They travelled far and wide with their music,
drinking tea and leaving TVs on standby. Pretty soon she agreed to be his 'friend-and-a-half'.
It was love at first bite.
He took her to the beach to watch the sunset. She sang and he played guitar. It was AWESOME.
It all began in a sandwich shop ...
This is the story of a couple of floofs

The Venue

The wedding will take place in the lovely Beaconside House estate. We welcome you to make yourself at home for the weekend.


We have asked a number of you to stay on-site, but space is limited. For those of you staying elsewhere, there are a number of B&Bs in Bideford - 5 min drive from the venue. Don't worry, we can chauffeur you during the weekend if you don't have a car.

The accommodation on-site is self-catering and there are numerous cooking facilities and fridges etc., which everyone is welcome to use. We will provide a big persian feast on Saturday evening, and a light lunch on Sunday.

Please respect that we are having an alcohol-free wedding weekend, so we'd appreciate if you would refrain from bringing any alcohol onto the premises.

Things to do

The venue has indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a hot tub, so bring your swimwear! There is also a grass tennis court and a games room with a somewhat rustic pool table and ping-pong table.

If you have a car, there are many places to explore nearby, with the beautiful Devonshire coast on your doorstep.

View the Beaconside House website for more information.

Beaconside House Monkleigh, Bideford, North Devon, EX39 5JL


The easiest way to get to the venue is by car. However, if you can't make it by car let us know, and we'll try to co-ordinate lifts with other guests.

The nearest airport is Bristol, which is about an hour's drive from the venue. Let us know in advance if you need picked up from the airport.

There is plenty space for parking just outside the gates to the property.

Dress code

The weekend will be very relaxed and laid-back, so formal dress is not required. Feel free to wear whatever you're comfortable in, but given the rustic setting of the venue, we would recommend you dress appropriately (i.e. not Stiletto heels).

Bring some waterproof footwear and a jacket in case it's cold or rainy.


The Wedding Day

Feel free to arrive any time on Saturday from 1pm onwards and take some time to settle in. Before the ceremony, we would appreciate if you could keep the main garden (next to the pool) clear while we prepare the area.

The ceremony will begin at 5pm in the garden, followed by an evening meal and various activities.

We will be having a Bahá'í ceremony, during which there will be a few readings from the Writings of the Bahá'í Faith.

For more information about Bahá'í marriage, please see


... and relax!

After a well deserved long lie, we'd love you all to join us for lunch in the garden. We'll have pots of soup for the masses, but feel free to bring along any food or drink you like. Bring a picnic blanket if you have.

Other than lunch, there are no set plans for Sunday, so the rest of the day is yours. Please feel free to make use of the many facilities at Beaconside and explore the surrounding area.

If you're joining us for another night (and we hope you will), there will be an evening of hot chocolate and board games at the house. Oh, and there may or may not be bingo...

Spare any change, pal?

We have decided not to have a formal gift list of the usual 'homeware', because we're a long way off from having our own home!

However, if you really wish to give us a gift, any amount of donation towards our future home would be welcomed. Please use the big, shiny, yellow paypal button provided.

Any questions?

No spam please. This is a vegan wedding.